“There are no shortcuts in the quest for perfection”
– Ben Hogan

We can help you drop strokes off your handicap and hit the ball longer and straighter. All the secrets are in your body no matter what your age or handicap.

mgolf Physio & Performance uses state of the art technology as well as physical assessment golf specific screen to assess your body and design a golf improvement program that is right for you. Our clinicians work “hand in glove” with PGA golf coaches to ensure that you have the total package to achieve lower scores.

Have you noticed that Tour Professional Golfers are looking and training more like track and field athletes these days? There is more to this than meets the eye. Do you want to know how and why improving your physical fitness will help your golf game?

Only in recent years has the driving distance of Tour Pros levelled out. According to statistics kept by the PGA tour, the average driving distance of Tour Pros has been increasing steadily over the years until now. With recent rulings that limit technological advancement in golf equipment we have seen distance level out. The Tour Pros are now looking to see what they can achieve with their physique and fitness to even further maximise their performance.

mgolf Physio & Performance specialises in helping golfers achieve their physical best to get the most out of their bodies and equipment. It’s the club that hits the ball but it’s the golfer that swings the club. Without a golfer, the club and ball are useless.



Of course there is a lot more to golf performance than hitting the ball long, such as greens hit in regulation, number of putts etc. But, at the end of your round, it all comes back to your body’s golf fitness.

mgolf Physio & Performance measures “Golf Fitness” for all golfers: Tour Pros, Competition Amateurs, Club Golfers, Weekend Warriors and Hackers. If it is good enough for a Tour Pro then it should be good enough for all golfers.


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