Orthotics in Mentone

Standard Gait Scan

At mhealth Physiotherapy and Pilates, we have expert experience treating painful foot, lower limb and even lower back problems with the use of custom made, corrective and supportive orthotics. Our orthotics are made with the use of a dynamic and functional pressure sensitive pad so that you get the best support during your activity when you need it the most.


Orthotics are a type of arch support, which can be made of rubber (soft) or flexible plastic (semi rigid). They sit discretely inside your shoe/sandal/boot, under your foot, supporting the arched structure of your feet. They may be the full length of your shoes, or otherwise, designed to end just behind the balls of your feet.

Our orthotics can be used to treat…

  • Tired/aching feet or calf muscles
  • Heel and arch pain
  • Achilles tendon pain
  • Ankle pain
  • Painful calluses and corns on the soles of the feet.
  • Knee, hip and lower back pain caused by poor joint alignment due to bad foot posture.

The orthotics prescribed by mhealth Physiotherapists are tailor made for your feet, and are designed to support your feet accurately in a more functionally effective position. The support and realignment achieved when wearing orthotics will alleviate joint and soft tissue strain, and allow your feet to provide a stable foundation for the rest of your body.


When you make an appointment to see a Physiotherapist, we will take a detailed history of your problem and any related medical problems you may have. This is followed by an examination of the painful area/s. We will then do a digital biomechanics exam called Gait Scan. This enables our physiotherapists to examine, with the aid of a pressure pad and state of the art software, what the exact underlying problems to your condition are and hence find the best cure/remedy/treatment for your problem. This type of examination is the only way that you can accurately assess the functional and dynamic pressures that are generated by your feet and lower limbs.

If the problem you are experiencing can be traced back to the effects of faulty foot posture, then orthotics are easily designed using our 3D pressure pad analysis with no mess or fuss like the old style plaster type casting. The whole process takes only 10 minutes to analyse so that you can get back to being pain-free straight away!

A digital posture scan may also be done to look at the angles of the hip/knee and feet and to see if these are a contributing factor to your pain. This complete analysis system of looking at the angles of the lower limb and then comparing to the 3D gait analysis will give you the best orthotics available for your condition. These orthotics will provide you with your best chance of rectifying the problem and eliminating the pain. You will also be given footwear advice, and exercises to help speed up the realignment process and fast track your rehabilitation letting you get back to the activities you love.

Orthotics restore your normal foot function and aim to achieve total postural realignment.

Standard Gait Scan


Podiatrists deal with the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of the feet and lower limbs. Our Podiatrists have a wide skill set to help deal with all problems associated with the lower limbs.

At mhealth Podiatry, our aim is to provide a high standard of care utilising state of the art technology and the latest equipment to accurately assess, diagnose and treat your condition.

On average a person walks 8,000 to 10,000 kilometres p/day. That’s equivalent to over 4 times around the world in a lifetime. The feet are usually our last concern, but when pain strikes, it can seriously impact our quality of life.

Our scope of practice includes:

  • General foot treatment
  • Biomechanical assessment
  • Computerised gait analysis
  • Footwear prescription/modification
  • Orthotic prescription/modification
  • Apply strapping & padding
  • Diabetes foot health assessment
  • Vascular assessment
  • Neurological assessment
  • X-ray & Ultrasound referral
  • Take samples for pathology
  • Advice on foot-care products

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