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mhealth provides Pilates to Mentone and our surrounding suburbs in Beaumaris, Parkdale, Cheltenham and Black Rock.

“Physical fitness is the first prerequisite to happiness”
– Joseph H Pilates

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    Pilates is a total body-conditioning program that helps to “re-program” the body. Pilates is also used to improve sporting fitness and athletic performance. mhealth Physiotherapy and Pilates focus on both rehabilitation and performance, tailoring each session to the individual’s wants and needs.Pilates focuses on using smooth, flowing and controlled movements to organise the body and increase muscle strength, core stability and flexibility from the inside out. mhealth implements the latest scientific evidence to ensure Pilates at mhealth will get you moving correctly and safely in an environment that progresses your program only as you are able to, with respect to your injury as well as your level of self mastery.

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    Modern techniques are combined with traditional principles to guide you through an exercise program like no other. You will move intelligently and think beyond your physical limitations. All Pilates sessions / classes are conducted by qualified Physiotherapists with postgraduate qualifications and study.This ensures that: all exercises are formulated through excellent clinical reasoning skills, all practitioners have a sound anatomical background and all programs will be integrated into your daily activities of sport, work and lifestyle.


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    • Good posture and control of movement
    • Excellent activation and integration of deep abdominal “core stability” muscles – reducing pain and re-injury
    • Improve coordination and neuromuscular patterns
    • Improve flexibility
    • Improve your own body mechanics and understand your poor movement patterns
  • Improve sporting performance
  • Flatten your stomach and tone you buttocks and thighs
  • Combine mind, body and spirit through breath, movement and mindfulness


Each Pilates program at mhealth is designed and tailored to each individual. Whether choosing Pilates for rehabilitation, fitness or performance, you can be certain that you will feel the benefits of your personal program quickly.

  • Pilates – Individual Consultation

    An initial 45-minute individual consultation (one-on-one session) will be booked with a trained physiotherapist. In this session, we will assess your general posture, muscular length and strength, balance and dynamic movement. You will also be taught how to activate your “core” muscles correctly and receive basic exercises to practice at home prior to your next consultation.

  • Pilates – 1 on 1 sessions

    You will generally be required to attend 2-3 “one-on-one” sessions. This is to ensure you are safe and confident to progress to a small group session. More importantly, this ensures a program specific to your needs can be devised. Furthermore, these sessions are spent perfecting your core activation and introducing you to the various pieces of equipment. At mhealth, you will use Reformers, Trapeze Table, Exo Chairs, Free Form boards and balance equipment as well as perform mat work that you can practice at home.

  • Pilates – 45 min run

    Small group sessions are supervised by a qualified Physiotherapist, who ensures you receive constant feedback and attention, and guarantees you perform exercises correctly to get the most out of your session. All sessions run for 45min. Although in small groups, all participants perform individual exercises.

  • Pilates – 6 days a week classes

    Classes are held six days a week, Monday to Saturday. Click here to see our timetable. If you are unable to attend a class, we try our best to accommodate you in another class if space permits. However, we do need at least 24 hours of notice if you are unable to attend.


Pilates is not only a great way to increase your strength, core stability, flexibility and balance in adults, but it is also an excellent way to improve posture for children and teenagers.

At mhealth, we run Pilates specifically for this age group. Classes are fun and focused on improving back strength in school children who are often weighed down with heavy schoolbags and have decreased body awareness.

We also focus on performance and aim to increase physical competencies that will specifically give juniors an edge in their sport. We have helped many children and teenagers who play football, soccer, netball and basketball, and those who want to increase their strength whilst dancing, performing gymnastics and swimming, to improve their sporting performance and ability, as well as recover quickly from injuries.

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