My name is Steve Ajzenman, a highly skilled physiotherapist who is able to diagnose and treat all sports and spinal conditions. Shortly after I graduated from La Trobe University in 2001, I underwent Polestar Pilates training. In 2003, I commenced working at mhealth and became Director in 2007.

As a Clinical Pilates Instructor, I believe that Pilates can help strengthen the body and allow people’s mind to tune in with the body. I am confident that Pilates is good for people who want to improve their body awareness, good posture and easy movement, and for people who want to alleviate back pain. For me, the most rewarding part of being a physiotherapist is helping people become pain-free.

I have special interest in golf, running, basketball, soccer and AFL football supporting the mighty St. Kilda Saints. I am keen to let people know more about low back pain, pelvic pain and hip pain and the co-relationship of these important weight-bearing body parts.

My goal is to share what I have learned from London and from my years of practice in Australia to clients who have been dealing with physical problems due to injuries or due to weight issues. I want to be part of each client’s journey, pushing them to their physical limitations in order to prevent injury and improve their overall performance. My dream is to establish a world class, allied health clinic that delivers best practice across multiple industries. I would love to grow a team that is happy, healthy and highly driven.

If I didn’t become a physiotherapist, I think I would have been a novelist, a personal motivator, a RomCom heartthrob or a comic book movie hero. When I retire from work, I hope to travel the world with my wife and kids.

Unique things about me? I own an East Victorian Bearded Water Dragon and I collect keyrings. I also travelled to Italy with my wife and proposed to her at Casa di Giulietta following a race-around-the-world style event.