The AxIT System Beaumaris

At mhealth, Beaumaris the AxIT System is used to measure physical performance accurately. We believe in measuring things accurately because if you don’t, then you’re simply guessing.

Physical performance is a key component of many athletic and sporting activities. Athletes and sports people are required to maintain optimal physical performance in order to excel in competitions. Measuring physical performance can help you get a clear picture of where your body is.

The Axit System is the most effective and reliable testing tool available today. mhealth’s Axist System measures physical performance and helps identify weaknesses and imbalances in your body. This then provides a tailor made program to efficiently restore strength and stability.

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Why Choose mhealth’s Beaumaris Axit System?

Advanced Physical Performance Testing

We use advanced physical performance testing to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is crucial to staying ahead in your game. We can help you identify any imbalances and weaknesses you may have using advanced testing techniques that you will not find anywhere else.

Cutting-edge Tools And Equipment

Our state of the art testing tools and equipment are currently used by elite sports teams and athletes. These cutting-edge machines can measure how you stand, walk, run, move, jump, squat, lung, and tilt! All our equipment is sensitive to the slightest of movements and change of pressure and provides important information for your therapist.

Accurate And Reliable Results

Tests are only as good as the results they provide. We know this very well and that’s why we strive to give our clients accurate and reliable results from the tests we undertake. The test results are compiled in a detailed report that highlights your overall physical performance as well as any recommendations we may have on how you can improve your physical performance.

Appropriate Advice And Treatment Courses

Our professional physiotherapists use the results we get to come up with appropriate recommendations and advice for your rehabilitation program.

Unique Offering

Our physical performance assessment system is like no other. You will not find another testing system that measures physical fitness and performance accurately quite like the Axit System that is accessible for all and not just elite sportspeople.

What Is The Axit System?

The Axit System is a piece of equipment that we use to measure bodily and physical movements to determine your strengths and weak points. The Axit System measures power, strength and movement patterns. It also identifies muscle weaknesses and imbalances. The Axit System is therefore physical performance testing equipment that has numerous applications in treatment and performance.

What Is The Axit System Used To Measure?

The Axit System is made up of 3 individual testing components that measure different body movements such as:



Isolated lower limb and upper limb muscle strength

Walking and running

Jumping power

Core rotational strength

The individual components perform select tests that measure different aspects of your body’s performance and functionality. All tests are safe and are done under the supervision of highly-trained and experienced fitness and health experts.

Applications Of The Axit System

The main application of the Axit System is identifying weaknesses, deficits and imbalances in the body that may negatively impact physical performance. If you are a professional athlete, or sports person, or just a weekend warrior, knowing what is hindering you from unlocking your body’s full potential is extremely important. The Axit System can help you do this.

One of the best things about the Axit System is that it stores your data and compares the results from different sessions to enable you to track your progress over time. Please contact our Axit System clinic in Beaumaris to learn more about the Axit System.