Your Health Matters – Does a Podiatrist Have an MD Degree?

Bill: Does a podiatrist have an MD? That’ll be a question from our friends in America. An MD is a qualification in Australia. An MD is basically a general medical degree. In Australia, we would have a general practitioner or a medical doctor. Podiatrists are not medical doctors. So, no. Podiatrists do not have an […]


Your Health Matters – What’s the difference between a Podiatrist and Chiropodist?

Bill: Chiropodist is an older term for a podiatrist. Chiropodist primarily, basically the general treatment side of things. Podiatrists do more than that these days. So, chiropodist might have dealt with skin conditions on the lower limb or the foot. Certainly, trimming back nails is what they’re most known for but their role was a […]


Your Health Matters – Is a Physiotherapist covered by Medicare?

Bill: Is a physiotherapist covered by Medicare? In Australia, we have a public health system called Medicare and physiotherapy treatment is covered by Medicare in the public system. However, there’s usually a mini-week wait for physiotherapy services in Australia. Physiotherapy is also provided in private practices and Medicare does cover that with a general practitioner […]

What qualifications do you need to become a Physiotherapist

Your Health Matters – What qualifications do you need to become a Physiotherapist?

Bill: Well, aside from a pulse, what do you need to be a physio, Steve? Steve: In Australia, you can have a Bachelor of Physiotherapy. There’s post-grad qualification. Some universities have a Bachelor of Science and a Major in Physiotherapy. Bill: So you mean, that’s an undergraduate qualification. Steve: Undergraduate. Sorry. Post-graduate or tertiary. Bill: […]

can a podiatrist write a prescription

Your Health Matters – Can A Podiatrist write a prescription?

Bill: Can a podiatrist write a prescription? That’s an interesting conversation in Australia. Some podiatrists have prescribing rights which is an additional qualification to a normal podiatry degree in Australia. So, some can and most can’t. Steve: Yeah. Bill: If you are curious as to whether your podiatrist can write prescriptions. Then you need to […]


Your Health Matters – Can I do Pilates and be on a Keto diet?

Bill: The Keto diet Steve, you’ve heard much about the Keto diet? Steve: I’ve heard a little bit, but I know you’re all into it. Well, the understanding of it anyway. Bill: There’s an interesting film on Netflix at the moment called “The Magic Pill” which kind of presents it … okay, it’s a little […]

what does a podiatrist do

Your Health Matters – What does a Podiatrist do?

Bill: Well, podiatrists work with the lower limb as our good friend Sam here is demonstrating a very nice pin or lower limb. Essentially, if you had to break it down into headings, podiatrists in Australia work in biomechanical work and they do general treatments or GTs. Steve: What are some biomechanical work? What do […]

When should I see a Podiatrist

Your Health Matters – When should I see a Podiatrist?

Bill: When should I see a podiatrist? Podiatrists are lower limb experts. And anything to do with the alignment of the lower limb, any biomechanical issue with the lower limb is why you’d see a podiatrist. Or any general medical issue, skin conditions, corns, calluses, nasty lumps and bumps, bunions, all these sorts of things. […]

What are the benefits of Physiotherapy

Your Health Matters – What are the benefits of Physiotherapy?

Steve: What are the benefits of physiotherapy. Again, where do we start? Bill: Well, I think rather than, I’d like to flip the question on its head in that essentially what we do, my 30 second elevator pitch would be — we solve people’s problems to help them achieve the lifestyle that they want to […]

Podiatrist treatment

Your Health Matters – What do Podiatrists treat?

Steve: Podiatrists treat feet, ankle, shins, knees, legs, hips. They treat everything from the hip down. And that can be bio-mechanically, getting people walking better, moving efficiently. It can also be general treatment. Looking at the skin of feet and toes. Nail surgery, looking at nail beds. Cutting nails. Some people haven’t got the mobility […]