what are the different type of pilates

Your Health Matters – What are the different types of Pilates?

Bill: The different types of Pilates, Steve. Steve: Well, when you talk about the different types of Pilates, often there’s kind of two ways to answer that. The first way would be, there are different schools. So there’s Polestar, there’s APPI, there’s the DMA-based education, there’s Stott Pilates, there’s Yin Pilates. There’s lots of different […]

is pilates a good way to lose weight

Your Health Matters – Is Pilates a good way to lose weight?

Bill: Pilates? It’s an excellent way to lose weight. But there’s so much more to exercise than just losing weight. So, we can assist you to lose weight when you’re in a pilates class but if you are stuck and you find that it’s very difficult to shift weight, you also need to have the […]

what is clinical pilates

Your Health Matters – What is Clinical Pilates?

Bill: Clinical Pilates, Steve?  That’s kind of like a clinician needs to run the Pilates session. Steve: That’s exactly right! Bill: Well, what’s a clinician? Steve: Well, a clinician is a tertiary qualified person who specialises in muscles, joints, bones, nerves… Bill: So, if we’re in America, they’ve got a college degree? In Australia, you […]

is pilates a good workout

Your Health Matters – Is Pilates a good workout?

Steve: Pilates is a really good workout because whether or not you’re doing clinical-based pilates or class based pilates. We’re really focusing on that mind-body connection and we’re really asking people to think about where their body is in space. Disassociating shoulders from torso, hips from pelvises and being really in that moment to achieve […]

Is Yoga or Pilates Better

Your Health Matters: Is Yoga or Pilates Better?

Bill: Is yoga or Pilates better? That’s one of the eternal questions. Well, probably not eternal cause yoga has been around a bit longer than Pilates. Steve: A lot longer. Bill: Joseph Pilates passed away in 1967, an amazing character. But I suppose for mine, yoga, it’s a class all doing the same. So the […]

Is a Podiatrist a real doctor

Your Health Matters – Is a Podiatrist a real doctor?

Bill: Is a podiatrist a real doctor? Steve: What is a real doctor? A podiatrist… Bill: Grab the stethoscope. Steve: … is a doctor. We have over here is a stethoscope which is used by medical doctors. Bill: Medical doctors, yes. Steve: And physios, too, by the way. Bill: That ’s another story. So, I […]


Your Health Matters – What does Pilates do for your body?

Bill: Steve, you’re a Pilates master. What does Pilates do to your body? Steve: Everything. Bill: And nothing? Or just everything? Steve: Everything and anything that you want it to do. So, if you’re looking for flexibility, it can give you flexibility. If you’re looking for extra stability, it can give you stability. If you’re […]

Can you lose weight by doing Pilates

Your Health Matters – Can you lose weight by doing Pilates?

Bill: Pilates and losing weight, is that possible, Steve? Steve: Absolutely. Bill: Why is that? Steve: Because you can lose weight doing clinical Pilates with us at mHealth. We tailor every program to what the person needs and or what their goals are. So, if you want to lose weight, we can lose weight. Bill: […]

How quickly does Physiotherapy work?

Your Health Matters – How quickly does Physiotherapy work?

Bill: Physiotherapy, can, well, I like to say, work within a session but again that depends upon the actual presenting issue. Steve: Yeah. Bill: So, if you’ve had a car accident, Steve, and you’ve broken both your arms, both your forearms, both your shins, and you’re here to see me the day after you’re out […]