secret to a happy life

Your Health Matters: What is a secret to a happy life?

Bill: The secret to a happy life. That’s an interesting question. We might draw on some of the psychology research over time.  Basically, three things. One is good relationships around you – family, friends. Having a purpose in life which could be remunerated work or could work that is purposeful that is not paid money […]

What does remedial massage mean?

Your Health Matters: What does remedial massage mean?

Steve: Remedial massage, it refers to somebody who works remedially or works on a problem rather than just relaxation massage or very light massage which feels nice. Usually remedial implies that there might be an injury or a tight knot that needs to be worked on to help restore the full muscular system. Bill: So, getting […]

what is a myotherapist

Your Health Matters – What does a Myotherapist do?

Steve: Myotherapists? What do they do? They do a lot of different treatment techniques. Some of those include muscle energy techniques, stretching, massage, frictions, dry needling which use little needles like acupuncture needles, they trigger points to release muscles that might tight or knotted up. Bill: What about shiatsu massage? Steve: Sure. Bill: Effleurage? Steve: […]

Is bruising after a Deep Tissue Massage normal

Your Health Matters – Is bruising after a Deep Tissue Massage normal?

Bill: Is bruising after deep tissue massage normal? No. However, if you have been worked too hard, you can have post-treatment bruising. Or if your body is… Steve: Susceptible. Bill: Yeah, if you are susceptible. If you are an older person. Steve: Blood thinners. You might be on aspirin. Bill: If you’re on blood thinners […]

Your Health Matters – Why do I feel dizzy after a deep massage?

Bill: Is it normal to be dizzy after deep tissue? No, it’s not normal to be dizzy after deep tissue. However, if you have been lying face down on a treatment bed for thirty minutes or an hour, it’s not an uncommon for people to have postural hypotension or low-blood pressure as they move from […]

clinical myotheraphy

Your Health Matters – What is Clinical Myotherapy?

Bill: Myotherapists are clinicians, aren’t they? Steve: There are a lot of clinicians out there. Myotherapists are clinicians. But if you go back to the Greek or Latin “myo” meaning muscle. Therapy, meaning therapy. It’s someone who works with muscles in a therapeutic sense. So there’s someone who essentially has some clinical diagnostic skills. They […]

What is the difference between Dry Needling and Wet Needling?

Your Health Matters – What is the difference between Dry Needling and Wet Needling?

Bill: Dry needling and wet needling. Dry needling is essentially using a dry needle which is generally an acupuncture needle or a very fine filament. Wet needling is when we inject something through the needle like a cortisone injection, or you know, an injection that a doctor might give. So, dry needling is used for […]

Your Health Matters – How strong is my back?

Bill: How strong is my back?  Do you reckon back strength is important? Steve: I think it’s really important. Bill: Have you ever measured your lower back strength? Steve: I actually have measured my lower back strength. Bill: How did you do that, Steve? Steve: Well, I used the MedX. Bill: MedX machine? Steve: Yes. […]


Your Health Matters – What is more important Pain or Function?

Bill: What is more important? Pain or function?   Steve: Function. Bill: Why? Steve: Is that a trick question? Bill: Yeah. But you answered it. You got it. You nailed it. Steve: I have? That’s awesome. Bill: But now I’m going to ask you to show your workings like in that VCA Maths exam that […]