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Bruise Like a Peach? Why Telling Your Physical Therapist That You Bruise Easily is Highly Important

We get a bruise from time to time, unfortunately when we least expect it. But when this happens after sessions of physical therapy or deep tissue massage, clients can be completely surprised. And why not? The bruise appears days after their appointment. Well not to fear, friends. Bruising during physical therapy and deep tissue massage is […]


How to Improve Bone Strength Without Causing Yourself Unnecessary Pain

Scheduling moderate exercise sessions throughout your week is important to your overall health. Cardio, for instance, makes your heart health and promotes blood flow, while strength training keeps your muscles from weakening, leading to a sturdy, powerful frame. But what are you supposed to do when you feel pain as you exercise? For people with […]

Recover From Injury Quickly: Give Your Muscles Power Again With These Simple Exercises

Recover From Injury Quickly: Give Your Muscles Power Again With These Simple Exercises

Muscle strain or pain happens to everyone (generally at the most inopportune moment). Whether due to extreme exercise, unexpected mishaps, or simply old age, everyone can have muscle injury or strain. This makes the body feel hurt and weak, sometimes even if the injury has been healed for weeks. While something like a twisted ankle […]

Origins of Pilates

The Man Behind the Movement: How Joseph Pilates Started a Fitness Revolution

Many diet and fitness regimens have a knack for becoming the hottest new trend… before dying out after a few months on the scene, until the next big fad arrives to take its place. But there are regimens that last longer and remain popular over time. This is primarily because these routines work. Joseph Pilates, […]

how easily test your physical health

Quick-Fix Check-Ups: How to Easily Test Your Physical Health on a Daily Basis

Everyone has gotten used to having a busy lifestyle these days, albeit for a number of reasons — ambition, self-improvement, career advancement or to provide for daily needs and we at mhealth is here to help you we provide Physiotherapy and Clinical Pilates in Melbourne. Amidst all the activities and rush to complete the next […]

A Pain in the Neck

A Pain in the Neck? No, Actually, Pain is All in Your Head

Pain tells your body to protect itself. It’s a signal for your brain to produce pain inhibitors and tell you to address the part where you are hurting.

bad posture

Afflicted with Bad Posture? Uneven Body Strength? Relying Solely on One Side of Your Body Could Be to Blame

People favour one side of their body more than the other, whether they realise it or not. This is true in daily activities, most notably in sports.  Because you’re use to use your right hand to shoot the basketball for instance, you will shoot better using this than the left hand.   Problem is, if […]

Brain Teaser Movements to Retrain Your Body V0.1

Brain Teaser Movements to Retrain Your Body

Humans are undeniably creatures of habit, and this becomes more than apparent when it comes to body movements. As children, we follow our brains and bodies to whatever comes naturally, only utilising the skills and behave according to what we learn and to the best of our ability. However, what happens when you try to […]

slow and steady pysical training

The Tortoise is Right: When it Comes to Physical Training, Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Wanting to achieve your lofty fitness goals in a short time can certainly be motivating. However, it can also make you susceptible to overworking (and thereby damaging) your body. In general, most people start exercise or training routines wanting to see immediate results. These, in turn, can wreak havoc on muscles, producing the opposite of […]

Does a Person’s Dominant-Eye and Dominant-Handedness Link Together in Some Way?

Does a Person’s Dominant-Eye and Dominant-Handedness Link Together in Some Way?

The human body is remarkable, carrying out thousands of processes every day that we aren’t even aware of. Such processes, like breathing and visual comprehension, happen involuntarily, though we can certainly take control provided we are focused enough in doing it. And some of the first human strengths that become immediately noticeable are one’s dominant […]