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How Do You Avoid Stiff Hips at Any Age? Stay in Motion with These Five Hip Stretches

How Do You Avoid Stiff Hips at Any Age? Stay in Motion with These Five Hip Stretches Humans were built to move, made of bones, muscles, and joints. So what happens when you spend hours immobile? How does your body react when you don’t hip exercises or even do basic muscle movements? Don’t adopt this […]

Treat and Prevent Neck Pain

Stiff Neck After Sleeping: How To Treat And Prevent It

Waking Up with a Stiff Neck? Learn How to Treat and Prevent Neck Pain with These Few Simple Methods Muscle aches and pains in your neck can come from numerous sources, for a variety of reasons. Maybe you trained a little too hard at the gym; perhaps you over-exerted yourself on the job; or, you […]

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Warning! Sitting Too Long Can Kill You

Make Your Move: 5 Reasons Why Prolonged Sitting Can Kill You (and How to Change Your Daily Routine) There’s no denying that most people who work full time spend countless hours staring at a computer screen. It’s hard to avoid, as so many occupations now rely on online communication, requiring the use of a computer. However, […]

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Top 5 Back Pain Causes and Leg Pain

Deciphering Your Pain: The Top Five Causes of Back and Leg Pain Looking for the cause of your back or leg pain is like looking for aliens –the possibilities are endless. It will also require more than a quick Internet search. Whether you’re a rigorous health nut or a blue-collar worker spending hours on your […]

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How to Heal a Sprained Ankle Fast

Body Recovery: What Else Can You Do to Heal Besides Simply Passing the Time? We provide various ways you can help your body speed up its own healing process, use the PRICE program and how prevent from happening again. The human body is a highly-proficient, fine-tuned machine, operating thousands of functions a day without fail. […]

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Falls in the Elderly: Prevention Tips & Ways to Overcome Your Fears

Know the different ways on how to eliminate your fear of falling. Live a healthy and fearless life again and learn how to eliminate the possibilities of falling. Getting older comes with many new challenges, at a pace that many may not be prepared to handle. After all, staying healthy and keeping fit become more […]

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Leverage Push-Up Workout to Unlock Your Body’s Full Potential

Time to Man Up! Activate Your Body’s Full Potential by Integrating the Classic Push-Up Workout in Your Daily Regimen If you’re wondering how strong your upper body should be to maintain a functional, healthy lifestyle, it’s best to simply start incorporating more arm, shoulder and upper torso movements into your workout. Because, quite frankly, if […]

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Upgrade Your Exercise Regimen with the Classic Lunge

Want to Challenge Yourself with a New Exercise, Or Change Your Routine? Try the Classic Lunge

do tall people live longer?

Do Tall People Live Longer?

Find out from Bill and Steve if it’s true that tall people live longer than short people. Read and watch the Bill and Steve Show.

Prevent Get YourSelf Injured in Playing Golf

Prevent Yourself From Getting Injured While Playing Golf

I’m 33 and I’ve decided to take up golf. How can a leisurely game leave me so sore after I play? First of all, we love to hear that you’re getting involved in a new activity! Good on you for upping your activity level. That being said, golf – believe it or not – isn’t […]