Getting Injury in Regular Training

Getting Injury in Regular Training

Why do I get an injury every time I get going with regular training? Well hopefully it’s not every time you engage in regular training, because then you may need to seek out different varieties of training, if that’s the case. However, it’s best to figure out what your goals are first, and plan around […]

Why See Physio When Doctor Google Has The Answers

Why See a Physio When Doctor Google Has The Answers to Your Health Questions

Why would I need to see a doctor or physio these days when doctor Google has all the answers? Given that Bill is actually older than Dr. Google, he’s actually wiser, and therefore has better answers for you! In all seriousness, taking advice from Dr. Google is not advisable when you have issues relating to […]

heat and ice treatment B&S show

Heat and Ice Treatment Which is Better?

What’s better for recovery, heat or ice? Well, the best method for recovery really depends on the stage of the injury. For the first 48-72 hours, ice would be a better recovery option, simply because the muscle is greatly inflamed and hot to the touch. Using ice would help keep the swelling and fluid movement […]

Pilates vs Yoga vs Gym Difference B&S Show Banner

Pilates vs Yoga vs Gym Difference

You MHealth guys are mental about Clinical pilates. What’s wrong with yoga or gym work? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with yoga or gym work!  These are great options for staying in shape, and can in fact be part of your overall fitness routine. However, with Clinical Pilates, you do reap the benefits of having a […]

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How To Improve Flexibility

What are the five top exercises that can help to improve flexibility, movement, and general well-being? This question has a myriad of answers for different people, but some of the best exercises for overall flexibility and general well-being would be: Overhead squats, which focus on your full-body. While the average squat centers a lot around […]

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Treatments for Shin Splints

I am a footy player, and the doctor told me I have shin splints and have to stop playing to get rid of them. What are they, and can I keep playing footy because I just love it? Shin splints can be caused by excess running or overuse of your leg muscles, which results in […]

Dodgy Back

Dodgy Back

Why does everyone I know have a dodgy back? In general, most people who have a daily health regimen that includes frequent activity don’t have as many back problems as those who don’t engage in physical activity. So deciding on an exercise regimen for yourself, and recommending the same advice to those you know, is […]

B&S - Orthotics for flat feet

Orthotics For Flat Feet

I’m 24 and have flat feet. I’ve never needed those orthotic things in my shoes because I’ve never had pain. Am I doing damage to my feet ignoring this? Feet are very versatile, and you could even consider them to be somewhat like jelly. They’re always changing and moving, and they adapt to how we […]

Prevent training injuries when you get old

Prevent training injuries when you get old

I’m a little bit older now and wonder why I can’t train at the same intensity I used to; I just keep on getting injured. Advice? As an individual ages, his fitness level begins to decline faster, and maintaining it requires more energy. You should start to focus on not putting too much pressure or stress […]

Clinical Pilates

What is Clinical Pilates

I do a lot of pilates, but what’s this clinical pilates and is it better? Well, while Basic Pilates is a group session where everyone’s doing the same movements and stretch exercises, Clinical Pilates goes a step further for each person’s exercise regimen. In Clinical Pilates, your instructor can actually design a program specific to […]