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Reconditioning Your Body Through Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates has redefined health and fitness. It not only exercises your body and mind, but it does so without the pain, wear and tear of other physical fitness activities. Discover how Clinical Pilates can help you get the body you want, and start living your dream.

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    Clinical Pilates Beaumaris

    Are you looking to unlock your body’s full potential? mhealth’s Clinical Pilates servicing Beaumaris can help you do just that! You can finally get the body that you have always wanted with the help of Clinical Pilates.

    Clinical Pilates reconditions your entire body with the aim of improving your overall health, fitness and function. It not only exercises your body and mind, but also helps to keep your body fit without the pain and exhaustion that is associated with most physical fitness activities. Learn how Clinical Pilates can help you get the body you long for, and begin living your dream.

    Why Choose Us?

    • Exceptional Staff

    One of the things that we are really proud of here at mhealth is our staff. We have a team of highly-trained Clinical Pilates instructors who are there to work with you. All our instructors are Physiotherapists. Our personnel are both professional and super-friendly. You are bound to feel at home when you visit our Clinical Pilates studio servicing Beaumaris.

    • Experienced Health Experts

    We are also proud to have seasoned health experts as part of our team. Our dedicated physiotherapists are always available to help you recondition and reprogram your body. We can help you boost your productivity by eradicating any pain that may be hindering your day to day performance. Our health and fitness experts have the relevant knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals.

    • Tailor-made Sessions

    All our Clinical Pilates sessions are tailor-made to suit your unique objectives, anatomy and fitness level. You can rest assured that your program will get you the physical balance, coordination, core strength and flexibility you need to improve your quality of life.

    • Affordable Rates

    Another major point that differentiates us from other service providers is our unique rates. We offer very affordable session rates for customers of all ages and genders. Don’t hesitate to unlock your body’s full potential because of budgetary constraints. Contact us today to learn more about our different programs and their respective rates.

    • Guaranteed Results

    Last but not least, you are assured of guaranteed results when you decide to join any of our Clinical Pilates programs. We ensure that you leave our studio better than you came. This is our promise to all our clients.

    Clinical Pilates Beaumaris

    One of the best ways to recondition your body is through Clinical Pilates. Clinical Pilates has various uses such as improving sporting fitness and athletic performance, improving overall body function and reducing pain.

    With emphasis on rehabilitation and performance, mhealth’s Clinical Pilates and Physiotherapy Beaumaris customises each and every session to each individual’s needs and goals.

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    How We Do It

    We combine modern physiotherapy techniques with traditional methods that have been tried, tested and proven to achieve results within weeks. As part of our program, you will undergo various physical training exercises that help you move beyond your physical limitations safely and intelligently.

    All our Clinical Pilates sessions are led by renowned Clinical Pilates instructors who are certified and approved. With our program, we ensure that all exercises are formulated with great care and clinical reasoning.


    Benefits Of Clinical Pilates

    Some of the main benefits of Clinical Pilates include:

    • Improved body flexibility and mechanics.
    • Enhanced body movements, breathing and physical balance.
    • Thigh and buttocks toning.
    • Stomach and tummy flattening.
    • Improved athletic and sporting performance.
    • Improved neuromuscular coordination.
    • Improved activation and integration of core stability and deep abdominal muscles that reduces pain.
    • Enhanced posture and body control.

    Our team of highly-trained and experienced Clinical Pilates Physiotherapists are ready and willing to help you improve your body for better health and fitness. Contact us today to book an appointment.