Daily struggle with tingling sensations on the lower back, constant leg burning, body weakness, electric shock-like pain, lower back pain and numbness are what characterise the day to day experiences of individuals who suffer sciatica.

It’s no fun! Even the seemingly easiest and simplest of tasks tend to aggravate your pain. You don’t want to cough, sneeze, walk, bend over or strain because the feeling that follows is close to unbearable. So the slightest thought of any of these things scare you, knowing they might exacerbate the pain in your leg and lower back.

Normally, if sciatica is not properly managed, its symptoms tend to worsen over time and this may lead to muscle weakness, potential permanent nerve damage, and even atrophy – the shrinkage of the buttocks, leg, thigh, calf and toes. It’s extremely important therefore that you see a sciatica specialist Melbourne as early as possible.

Prompt medical action will help alleviate the pain and lessen the symptoms of sciatica. You can then resume your normal life and enjoy freedom from the debilitating effects of pain.

We have quite a few treatment techniques at Mhealth that are very beneficial in treating sciatica as well as showing our clients the kind of exercises and positions that will help them reduce their pain and prevent its reoccurrence.

Sciatica – how it comes about…

As your sciatica specialist Melbourne, we help you understand the problem and how it comes about so you can understand how to better manage it.

Sciatica pain is essentially the result of a spine decay/arthritis or disc bulge which directly puts pressure onto the Sciatic nerve causing inflammation and the characteristic symptoms of sciatica (mentioned above).

Sciatic nerve is your body’s largest single nerve that runs from each side of the lower spine through deep inside the buttock and all the way down to the foot through the back of your thigh.