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Clinical Pilates


What is Clinical Pilates

I do a lot of pilates, but what’s this clinical pilates and is it better?

Well, while Basic Pilates is a group session where everyone’s doing the same movements and stretch exercises,

Clinical Pilates goes a step further for each person’s exercise regimen.

In Clinical Pilates, your instructor can actually design a program specific to your needs, or the needs of any one individual.

People join together in small groups still, but people of varying ages can all work side by side, exercising at a level suitable to their own fitness level.

The programs are designed under the expertise of a physiotherapist, catering to your age, lifestyle, etc. with recommended exercises appropriate for your body.

They can adapt your exercise routine to accommodate for any injuries, performance levels or fitness regimens you’ll be best equipped to handle.  

Overall, it would benefit you, in the long run, to invest your time in Clinical Pilates.

You will be able to work with a consistent routine that’s tailored to your body, giving you better results for less time and energy spent doing regular Pilates.


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