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How To Improve Flexibility

What are the five top exercises that can help to improve flexibility, movement, and general well-being?

This question has a myriad of answers for different people, but some of the best exercises for overall flexibility and general well-being would be:

Overhead squats, which focus on your full-body. While the average squat centers a lot around your lower body and core muscles, adding in the overhead weight raise gives you a greater upper body workout as well.

Lunges, which are, again, great for your lower body, especially for your quads and glutes.

Single-leg heel raises, which center on your calves, a muscle that surprisingly doesn’t get much attention unless you’re an active runner or engage in jumping exercises.

Push-ups, which are ideal for great upper body strength.

And, finally, the “Swan” is essential for flexibility and mobility of the spine.

Stick to these five exercises to really give yourself a well-rounded fitness routine, to keep your body flexible and easily mobile.

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