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Prevent Get YourSelf Injured in Playing Golf


Prevent Yourself From Getting Injured While Playing Golf

I’m 33 and I’ve decided to take up golf. How can a leisurely game leave me so sore after I play?

First of all, we love to hear that you’re getting involved in a new activity! Good on you for upping your activity level.

That being said, golf – believe it or not – isn’t as leisurely as you’d think.

After all, the length of the course reaches 12-14 km, so you’re doing a lot of walking and moving throughout your day.

Golf is a power sport, and requires some pretty significant power plays.

The average swing takes 1.8 seconds, which is sharp and fast movement for your body as you rotate. Beyond that, the average golfer will swing a driver at 80mph, which again is fairly quick and forceful at impact.

Conditioning and stretching your body before you hit the course may seem useless on the surface, for those that believe golf is “leisurely,” but

it’s important to get your body into shape for any new sport or activity you take on.

Preparation is key, and you shouldn’t experience any sore muscles once you start getting into it, and if you warm up beforehand.

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