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Why See Physio When Doctor Google Has The Answers


Why See a Physio When Doctor Google Has The Answers to Your Health Questions

Why would I need to see a doctor or physio these days when doctor Google has all the answers?

Given that Bill is actually older than Dr. Google, he’s actually wiser, and therefore has better answers for you!

In all seriousness, taking advice from Dr. Google is not advisable when you have issues relating to your health.

Depending on your situation or injury, you could potentially make your problem worse by getting incorrect information, or not understanding your injury properly.

For example, you could be suffering from inflammation and end up compounding the issue even more by doing more strength training on the swelled muscle.

Dr. Google provides a lot of content, but is generally out of context.

After all, you could end up with a diagnosis of cancer or syphilis – when all you were searching for was how to heal a sore elbow.

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