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mhealth declares war on ugly feet: Healthy feet look good

How much attention do you pay to your feet? How much attention should you pay to how they look? Those two engineering marvels that keep you up all day need to be kept looking and feeling good at all times. When feet don’t look good, it’s usually a sign that your health is under attack.

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    The Foot Clinic Beaumaris

    The Foot Clinic Beaumaris For Healthy Pain-Free Feet

    From common foot problems to more serious issues like peripheral neuropathy (numbness), our feet tell us a lot about the general condition of our health. Symptoms of disease often show up in our feet before they become evident in other parts of our bodies. Treating the underlying conditions of foot problems can help avoid the risk of more serious health problems from developing.

    At mhealth Foot Clinic Beaumaris we have a wealth of information on foot problems and a team of professional experts to help diagnose and treat anything from minor issues like athlete’s foot and painful blisters to more serious conditions like gout and Achilles Tendinopathy.

    Why mhealth

    Why mhealth Is Your Best Choice

    mhealth is your best choice when it comes to dealing with foot problems as our foot clinic has the best team of therapists and state-of-the-art equipment available with top-quality treatment and advice. Here are some of the things we believe puts us ahead of our competitors:

    • We have more than 20 years’ experience in the field of physio and other therapies
    • For many years we have faithfully served the community of Melbourne before expanding our services to include residents of Beaumaris, Mentone, Chelsea, Sandringham, Parkdale, Cheltenham Mordialloc, Black Rock, and Parkdale. This makes it possible for us to offer our excellent therapeutic services to a wider range of people.
    • Although we treat the symptoms, our belief that prevention is always better than cure has resulted in a variety of programs that focus on strengthening the body to reduce the risk of injury from strenuous exercise and over-exertion.
    • Our friendly team of expert therapists is highly trained and educated in the latest remedial therapies that help patients find relief from pain and recover from more serious ailments.
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    How Can mhealth Help?

    How Can the mhealth Foot Clinic Help You?

    Our feet are constantly carrying the weight of our entire body when standing and that increases three to four times when walking or running. This constant stress is the reason why most people suffer from some form of foot problems at various points in their lives.

    Even minor foot problems can affect your posture and misalignment can result in discomfort and pain in joints at different parts of the body. So how much attention should you pay to how your feet look and feel? Good-looking feet are healthy feet and any problems with the feet are a clear indication that something else is wrong elsewhere in the body.

    Most people take their feet for granted until they start to experience pesky aches and pains or other symptoms that could indicate a more serious underlying disease like diabetes or arthritis. Even minor foot problems can make your life very uncomfortable.

    At our specialised foot clinic we make use of unique ‘Gait Scan’ technology that utilises 3,000 pressure sensors to digitally measure and analyse biomechanical problems associated with pain and discomfort in the feet. This information is used to accurately diagnose and offer appropriate treatment techniques for particular foot problems.

    Our customised orthotics are designed using 3D digital imaging and Pressure imprints from the feet identify and recommend specific orthotic therapy. If your feet have lumps, bumps, and other problems that cause discomfort and physical pain you probably need professional advice from a foot doctor at mhealth to help solve problems and prevent the risk of more serious conditions developing.

    Specialise In

    What Do We Specialise In?

    Here are some of the conditions we treat at our specialised foot clinic:

    • Foot, heel, and arch pain
    • Knee Pain
    • Shin Pain (Shin Splints)
    • Numbness or tingling in feet and lower legs
    • Lower back and hip pain
    • Custom-fitted orthotics

    Visit our mhealth Foot Clinic today for a foot assessment and learn how our specialised foot therapies can help put you back on the road to pain-free and healthy feet. Contact us today for an appointment to discuss your particular foot needs.