What Are Some Good Stretches Using Home Equipment?


What Are Some Good Stretches Using Home Equipment?

Bill: One of my favorite stretches is to stand in front of the kitchen bench with a tea towel in my hands and bend forward so I become a big L-shape. I’m bending at the hips and then maintaining that position while I turn my feet, I step around to the right. Gives you a fantastic stretch through arms and your back – an mhealth creation called Raging Bull. You turn your feet around to the other side and bring yourself up. That’s one of my favorite home stretches in the kitchen. Steve, what’s your favorite?

Steve: Again, I just love the kitchen. So the kitchen bench is just a great thing to hold onto and balance, so whether it’s a quad stretch or a hamstring stretch, or even a little hip flexor stretch, sort of like a lunging stretch – I think it’s a really useful way of getting a lot out of your body. You can boil an egg, stretch, do the Raging Bull, put the toaster on, stretch your quads. Try not to do those things at the same time. Let the toaster go and then you can stretch your legs.

Bill: I think what Steve raised there too is often, people will have an exercise time. One of the interesting statistics from years gone past is that a lot of particularly female people in Australia, the main complaint about not being able to exercise is they didn’t have anything appropriate to wear, which is a pretty simple thing, go buy some exercise clothes. But we also rely upon going to the gym or going outside. To bring it indoors into your kitchen, you spend so much time in your house, especially in isolation. If you’re setting off those triggers to do little things during the day, those little things add up and then get you entrained as a person to think about being more physically fit, and with physical fitness comes mental fitness as well.

Steve: In fact, I also like using the toaster talking about incidental exercise. I had a client who said, “I don’t really have a stopwatch, Steve. I can’t bother with using the phone,” and I said, “Let’s put the toaster on.” Without toast – the numbers on the toast, which a lot of you don’t know this, they equal minutes of toasting. It’s not like 1 is like a light brown, 4 is like a burnt toast. 1 on the toaster is one minute. So pop it on 1 as you walk past the toaster and stretch your leg for a minute. No excuses, especially in isolation. You’re with yourself all the time at your house, so use it or lose it.