Osteopathic medicine is based on the premise that the body is largely designed to heal itself.



While general medical practitioners are often referred to as MDs, an Osteopathic Doctor is referred to as DO (Doctor of Osteopathy). As to their legitimacy, relax. These doctors:



● Are fully licensed


● Attended 4 to 5 years medical school like MD’s


● Can practice medicine


● Can do surgery and write prescriptions




For their specialisation, osteopathic doctors are required to attend additional training hours about the musculoskeletal system, related to the body as a whole and not as individual parts.


To treat patients, these doctors combine the rigours of modern medicine with specialised knowledge of the body’s natural healing processes.


Brief History


Dr. Taylor was the first modern doctor to pursue that the body’s musculoskeletal system works in conjunction with all other parts to obtain health and wellness. Practised since the 1800’s, he:


Developed this treatment method after witnessing the travesty of treatment to soldiers during the  war.


Wanted to teach other health care practitioners how to treat the body to heal itself.


While this began in the US, soon it spread to other countries including Australia. One of the earliest cities to have DOs was Melbourne.



Manipulative Treatment


As an intricate treatment, DOs use their hands to understand underlying issues to illness and injury. They examine areas of the body such as ligaments, tendons and the back among others to determine:


● Grossly misaligned areas;


● Pain, torn tendons;


● If motion is smooth or restrictive.



Most of their techniques may be similar to chiropractors, but they are not that type of doctors. While chiropractors’ legitimacy is still questioned by the mainstream medical community, DOs manipulative technique is recognised as real medical treatment by medical and scientific communities.



Also, the law recognizes these physicians as:


● Fully licensed;


● Legitimate with similar education and board testing as MDs.



In Other Countries

Worldwide, there are thousands of practicing physicians and you can be confident that:


● DOs in Melbourne will deliver quality, competent and medically recognized treatment.


● In the U.K. the NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) says this form of treatment is recommended, especially for lower back pain.




Though most medical professionals recognise manipulative technique’s ability to treat musculoskeletal dysfunctions:


Some dispute there is enough evidence to conclude it’s effective for other illnesses.

Some do not even recognize this medical treatment as legitimate.



A Few Reviews

Some medical centers contend this form of treatment:


● Does not undergo double blind testing;


● Has a few peer reviews.



Double blind testing is today’s standardized method for pills and surgery’s proof of efficacy.


Several controlled trials yielded very successful results from this form of treatment. But in traditional double blind testing there simply is no way to produce this proof.



In Australia

As mentioned earlier, osteopaths in Australia are required to finish 5 years of specialized training including:


● General diagnosis


● Anatomy


● Pathology


● Physiology techniques



They are also trained and competent about the cardiovascular system, nervous and respiratory systems. They have other university degrees that complement their knowledge in this medical profession.



Recognised as equally legitimate to other forms of medical treatment, manipulative treatment is covered by the Australian public health care system. Osteopathy has been practiced in Australia for over a century, thus be confident of this quality, modern, medical treatment for its results.