Sportspersons or those who have been involved in car or some other ‘whipping’ form of accidents are likely to suffer a whiplash neck sprain. This is an injury that occurs to your neck when your head is suddenly jolted backwards and forwards in a quick motion, (whip-like movement).

When this happens, there’s quite some pain and you need immediate therapeutic assistance.

Most cases that we encounter in our whiplash Melbourne clinic are victims of motorcar accidents or forceful injuries from sporting activities that cause similar stress to the neck joints, muscles, ligaments and discs.

The technical name for the forceful neck motion is “rear-ender”. The sharp neck movements generate substantial force, typically involving neck motion to far beyond the normal range of movement. This is what causes damage to the delicate supporting neck structures resulting in the characteristically severe pain.

Our physiotherapists refer to this powerful sprain of the neck joints and tissue as a Vertebral dysfunction. Here’s what you should do once you suffer a whiplash:

    • Keep your neck mobile rather than immobilising it if you are able to support your head and neck.
    • Put some ice on your neck to reduce inflammation and provide a soothing effect if your neck is painful.
    • Get in touch with our whiplash Melbourne physiotherapists to have your neck treated and stabilised to prevent further damage.

Treatment modality

Our whiplash Melbourne physiotherapy care and management initially consist of a thorough clinical history, neurological, orthopaedic and spinal examination to establish the exact location of your neck pain. We use a very effective diagnostic approach to be able to administer your treatment in the most effective way.

To assess the exact extent of your injury, we may use one or more of the main physiotherapy diagnostic imaging techniques that include CT, X-ray, posture pro scans or MRI.

We then help reduce the pain and inflammation in our advanced neck rehabilitation program if this is deemed appropriate. Like all patients in this Melbourne whiplash patient rehabilitation program, you can be sure to experience significant improvement within weeks.