The AxIT System

At mhealth we believe in measuring things properly and if you're not measuring, you're guessing.

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Therefore we are proud to use the AxIT system

State of the art technology previously only used by elite sports teams, to measure how our clients move.

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At mhealth, our physiotherapists use the AxIT System which measures how you are moving and where your strengths and deficits may be. It allows us to measure progression, strength, power and muscle imbalances.

The AxIT is comprised of three separate pieces testing equipment that allows us to test many functional movements such as:



Isolated upper limb and lowerlimb muscle strength testing

Running and walking

Jumping power testing

Core rotational strength testing

Through performing select tests, your physiotherapist can ensure that they give you the right treatment and advice in order to get the best possible outcomes to reach your functional health and fitness goals.

After your physiotherapist has conducted your testing

They will send you through a comprehensive report detailing the results and implications for your management.

One of the fantastic features of the AxIT is that it stores the data and compares tests from one session to another to be able to track progress over time as you strive to reach your goals.