Neck pain can be uncomfortable at best and downright crippling at worst.



Whatever the case, you need to get the right treatment for your neck pain. To do that however, you should get to the hospital and find out what caused the neck pain. As physiotherapists in Melbourne, we are familiar with the major causes of neck pain. Some of the common causes include:


Wry Neck


This is caused by the sudden stiffness of the neck, thus making it difficult for you to turn your head and neck sideways. The pain could also worsen when you try to look up or down. It could spread to the top of your shoulder blades. Wry neck can be caused by several factors. These include:


● Poor sleeping positions


● Exposure to cold


● Sudden forceful movement of the neck


● Carrying really heavy stuff on your head



This is usually common in vehicle accidents. It is caused by the sudden jerking of the head backwards and forwards from the impact of a car from behind. The pain is usually the result of the neck’s muscle strain or tears. This can cause dizziness, headaches and stiffness of the neck.


Poor Posture

Slouching is not good for your neck. So, if you’re always slouched forward, consistently work with your head bent low and chin out, or are always hunched over the desk or computer, it is possible for you to develop significant pain. Other causes of neck pains include:



● Osteoarthritis


● Degenerative disc diseases


● Herniated discs


● Fibromyalgia


● Facet joint pain


● Repetitive strain injury


● Pinched nerves


● Spine arthritis


● Scoliosis


● Thoracic outlet syndrome among others


Neck Pain Treatment Options

Before commencing any treatment, physiotherapists in Melbourne will often want to look at the causes of your neck pain. That is why your diagnosis is very important. Since there are many reasons, your physiotherapist would want to know what the cause of the neck pain is. Armed with this information, he will recommend the appropriate and necessary treatment option.



There are many ways to treat neck pain. Most of them include having to work with physiotherapists in Melbourne to get some relief and cure the pain. Unlike chiropractors, who sometimes have to “crack” some bones or apply considerable pressure or force to painful areas to get you some relief from your neck pain, physiotherapists adopt a gentler, more effective treatment method. Some of the neck pain treatment options used by physiotherapists in Melbourne include:


● Soft tissue or myofascial release


● Scapular stabilisation exercises


● Closed kinetic chain exercises


● Early injury treatment


● Sub-acute soft tissue injury treatment


● Soft tissue massage


● Deep neck stabilisation exercises


● Joint mobilisation techniques and so on


Whatever the case, you need to treat the injury as soon as you notice it. Don’t wait until it’s lasted for too long. Some people have been known to take analgesics and pain relief meds. The truth is these can provide a bit of a relief, but still doesn’t address the underlying cause.


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