Your Health Matters – What Is Myotherapy Good For?



Your Health Matters – What Is Myotherapy Good For?

Bill: Myotherapy, what is it good for? Well, myotherapy — the “myo” part of the name refers to muscle and the therapy part refers to therapy. They work with soft tissue and basically assist with soft tissue back to normal function for persons. Well, anyone with a problem or injury could see a myotherapist for treatment. If the problem is bigger than soft tissue, good myotherapists usually have a great network of people around them like physiotherapists or osteopaths or chiropractors or general practitioners or even surgeons. So, good myotherapists should have the clinical skills and clinical knowledge to know if their skill set isn’t going to deal with the problem and refer on. But generally, it’s about soft tissue mobilization to help someone back to full function.

Steve: I was going to add is that if someone trains hard, elite athletes in particular, and really good in preventing muscles becoming injuries. Working on them, keeping them nice and loose and floppy for want of a better description, can help prevent injury in those muscles. And make sure they perform, optimally, so you don’t get tears and those sort of things…

Bill: Floppy muscles, technical term?

Steve: Technical.

Bill: Floppy grade two.

Steve: Grade two floppy?

Bill: Yes.

Steve: Going to Grade three.

Bill: Thanks.