Treatments for Shin Splints

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I am a footy player, and the doctor told me I have shin splints and have to stop playing to get rid of them. What are they, and can I keep playing footy because I just love it?

Shin splints can be caused by excess running or overuse of your leg muscles, which results in irritation or soreness that can be quite painful.

They are very common, especially with frequent runners or, in your case, someone who plays sports and endures intense physical activity.

The impact of your feet on the type of ground you’re exercising on can cause great stress to your muscles as well.

In other cases, the constant inflammation of the muscles and the structure of your leg bones can’t always account for excessive swelling.

Thankfully, more often than not, shin splints can heal on their own but rest is definitely required.

Committing to light, daily stretcheswill help ease the pain while also maintaining your flexibility.

But while stopping altogether and letting your muscles heal would be the best choice, you can consult with a professional if you wish to keep playing footy without further damaging your leg muscles and causing pain. Taking it easier on yourself as well is key to maintaining longevity on the field.

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