Clinical Pilates now called Clinical Pilates


Clinical Pilates now called Clinical Pilates

Due to the recent private health insurance changes, we are no longer able to use the term “Pilates”. As a result, mhealth has renamed it’s Clinical Pilates classes to Clinical Pilates classes, ie for Rehab, Performance and Maintenance, to reflect that our classes are Physiotherapy based, and run by fully qualified Physiotherapists.

These classes are prescribed and utilise exercises as a tool to rehab you following injury, improve your performance from a previous injury and maintain your current physical needs due to chronic injuries or other physical condition.

To ensure compliance and enable you to continue to claim through your health insurance provider, we will
Continue to assess you before, during and after the session
Quantify outcome measures and cater for your individual needs
Require you to participate in a yearly 30 minute assessment to continue to monitor your clinical goals and physical condition.

Please email us on or call us on 8585 2222 if you require any further info.