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I’m In A Little Bit Of Pain, Can I Come And Visit You?

 Bill: Well I assume you’re referring to stage four lockdown in Melbourne, Australia at the moment where we are still open to business but we’re only treating people who require essential care. Steve might want to elaborate on what essential care means. Steve: Essential care is that we can’t see people for routine treatment […]

Why Is Stretching Every Morning Important?

 Steve: Well, I always like to say, if you’ve got a pet dog or a pet cat, what do they do when they wake up? Does anyone walk up to your dog or your cat and say, Hey there, grumpy! I’m not a dog person. I’m not sure what you call your dog. Hey […]

Top 3 Chair Exercises For Seniors And How To Get Started

 Bill: Steve and I have gone on record before saying that the most important exercise in the world that’s ever created is the squat and the version of the squat will be sit to stand. So standing up from the seat so much that your feet go out of the top of the spring. […]

Does Pilates Require Any Equipment?

 Bill: The original pilates program is actually called controllogy. So Joseph Hubertus Pilates was not so bovaristic to actually name it after himself and that required those 34 movements, movements required no equipment whatsoever.  However, when he set up his studio, he devised all sorts of equipment which may have a fully functional pilates […]

What Are The Advantages of Telehealth?

 Steve: So, in our experience by running telehealth and Zoom classes and appointments, there’s actually quite a few advantages. One, you don’t have to leave your house which, I know we’re isolated at the moment and in lockdown, but it means you don’t have to find a park, you’re not running late, running from […]

Is Pilates Difficult For The Elderly?

 Steve: Pilates is as easy or as difficult as you make it. So we at mhealth target the exercises to challenge the person whether they’re elderly or adolescent or anything in between. And we are equipped to get the person to move better and move well.  So without challenging anything in life, there’s no […]

What’s The Connection Between Mental And Physical Well-being

 Bill: The mental wellbeing and physical wellbeing are like a handshake. They are so intimately associated and there’s a lot, there’s a lot written at the moment in the popular press so we can go from people like Mark Divine with his book with Unbeatable Mind to, I’m just looking beside me, here I’ve […]

What Equipment Do I Need To Perform Physio At Home?

 Steve: You need yourself. That’s the most basic thing you need. You need a body, once you have a body you can do physio. You can stretch, you can flex, you can mobilise, you can do everything, strength and everything.  However, things around the house like a can of beans or an ice pack, […]

Great Tips for Keeping Fit in Isolation for Seniors

 Bill: There’s probably three key things which are really simple. Every straight back chair in the world is 45cm high or 18 inches if you don’t do metric. So during a two-legged squat, to touch your bottom on the seat, you should be able to lift your body weight up and down off the […]