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Great Tips for Keeping Fit in Isolation for Seniors

 Bill: There’s probably three key things which are really simple. Every straight back chair in the world is 45cm high or 18 inches if you don’t do metric. So during a two-legged squat, to touch your bottom on the seat, you should be able to lift your body weight up and down off the […]

What Are Some Good Stretches Using Home Equipment?

 Bill: One of my favorite stretches is to stand in front of the kitchen bench with a tea towel in my hands and bend forward so I become a big L-shape. I’m bending at the hips and then maintaining that position while I turn my feet, I step around to the right. Gives you […]

How Does Chair Pilates for the Elderly Work?

 Bill: Chair Pilates is really a program of movement designed to work with people seated in a chair, but you’re really addressing four things.  The movement or the exercise is designed to settle inflammation, you can use gentle movement to do that. Increase flexibility – so for the back, you might bend left or […]

How Can I Manage My Back Pain in Isolation?

 Steve: It goes back to, “Get an assessment. Speak to a health professional or physiotherapist.” Get assessed on what your back is doing or not doing so we can work with you to find a solution. Then it’s a matter of like you would in the treatment in the statement rooms onsite. Give you […]

How Can I Effectively Do Physio At Home?

 Bill: That’s a great question but I think the underlying question is, “What are you trying to achieve through your physio?” So to do it effectively, you need to really understand whether you’re trying to work on settling that inflammation, sorting out flexibility, working on controls or patternings or strength and endurance and I […]

Is It Unhealthy to Totally Isolate Yourself?

Bill: Well there may be specific social occasions where it’s appropriate where you might have disgraced yourself, but normally speaking, no. And if you think about solitary confinement for punishment in prisons, that’s actually not a humanitarian thing to do, so it’s not a healthy thing to totally isolate yourself. You want to add something […]

How Can Pilates Help Me During Home Isolation?

Steve: Good question. Pilates is an excellent exercise regime that will help keep you moving. It focuses on stability, balance, strength, and flexibility which are all the most important things that we need to keep us healthy physically but also, it will help us mentally. Bill, did you want to add anything to that? Bill: […]


Your Health Matters – Can Old Back Injuries Come Back to Hurt You?

Bill: This is a question that I get asked a lot, Steve. Whether old back injuries come back to haunt you. The answer, well, sometimes they do. If you haven’t done the work after the injury to restore your body back to what it should be. However, if you’ve got some structural damage there, that […]


Your Health Matters – Can Physiotherapists Crack Backs Like Chiropractors?

Bill: Can physiotherapists crack backs like chiropractors? A lot have questioned it, but the short answer is yes. So, physiotherapists are generally known as manipulative physiotherapists. But the term manipulation, adjustment, cracking, cavitation, grade five mobilisation – they all describe the same thing. So, physiotherapists can adjust backs just like chiropractors if they have received […]


Your Health Matters – Does Myotherapy Work?

  Steve: Does Myotherapy work? Short answer is — YES. Bill: Well… Steve: But, there’s a longer answer. Bill: If you’re issue is related to soft tissue or muscle problems, that’s the myotherapy field of expertise. And so, myotherapists are tertiary-qualified clinicians who are very good at actually seeking out what the cause is. If […]