Your Health Matters – How strong is my back?


Your Health Matters – How strong is my back?

Bill: How strong is my back?  Do you reckon back strength is important?

Steve: I think it’s really important.

Bill: Have you ever measured your lower back strength?

Steve: I actually have measured my lower back strength.

Bill: How did you do that, Steve?

Steve: Well, I used the MedX.

Bill: MedX machine?

Steve: Yes.

Bill: That’s an interesting piece of equipment.

Steve: It is.

Bill: Some people say that it’s a bit like a medieval torture device.

Steve: Most people would actually say that.

Bill: But really what it is about is pinning you into a seat so that the only part of your body that can move is your lower back and actually measuring with a computer how strong you are in different positions. Would you say that’s beneficial in working with clients to see exactly where they may be weak?

Steve: Absolutely. If you can determine how strong you are, — and what we haven’t explained yet is we have age-matched normal data. So we can say if you’re forty years old male of a particular race, you should be strong and if you fall below that line, then clearly there’s some work to be done.

Bill: I suppose if you clicked on this link, you’ve probably questioning whether your back is strong or if you have a problem with your back, that’s a good reason to have your back strength measured.