Your Health Matters – What does a Podiatrist do?

what does a podiatrist do


Your Health Matters – What does a Podiatrist do?

Bill: Well, podiatrists work with the lower limb as our good friend Sam here is demonstrating a very nice pin or lower limb. Essentially, if you had to break it down into headings, podiatrists in Australia work in biomechanical work and they do general treatments or GTs.

Steve: What are some biomechanical work? What do you mean by that?

Bill: Well, podiatrists are often associated with giving people orthotics or things under their feet. That’s one of the things that podiatrists can do. But they’ll assess the way that the lower limb moves so if…

Steve: Why would they give orthotics?

Bill: To correct the alignment of the foot such that the person can walk better and not have the knee collapsing in cause the orthotic made will correct the alignment of the knee as they walk. So it will help with, say, knee pain, hip pain or even back pain. But the podiatrist in a biomechanical assessment will look at the way someone walks. Look at the structure of the foot and the lower limb. And solve the client’s problem from there. But they also do general treatment.

Steve: And what are some general treatments they would do? Could you just elaborate a little bit.

Bill: The older Australians will be able to tell us the use to go the chiropodist where they get their toenails cut. So for some people, to have their toenails cut or look for deterioration on the foot, people who might have Type 2 Diabetes, or people who have particular conditions like rheumatoid arthritis might have problems healing in the foot, so a podiatrist can actually care for wounds. They can certainly trim toenails. Sandback areas of callous. They can certainly  help the things like bunions. They’re the general treatment. So it’s some of the more medical or chiropodotic, if that’s a word, chiropody type style of treatment as opposed to biomechanics.

Steve: Okay. Something else that they also do is they do perform surgeries. So, podiatrists might cut the toenail back to the offending toenail that might be piercing into the skin or into the toe.

Bill: So it’s another thing that podiatrists do as well.

Steve: Yeah.

Bill: Interesting.


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