Top 3 Chair Exercises For Seniors And How To Get Started


Top 3 Chair Exercises For Seniors And How To Get Started

Bill: Steve and I have gone on record before saying that the most important exercise in the world that’s ever created is the squat and the version of the squat will be sit to stand. So standing up from the seat so much that your feet go out of the top of the spring. Touching the seat not necessarily sitting all the way back down, and then just coming back down to the seat. It’s normal that you should be able to lift your own body weight like this between 10-20 times and not really having an issue doing that. So you notice I’m not pushing up with my hands or anything I can just lean forward, push myself straight up in the air. So that’s number one, sit to stand between 10-20 times. 

One of my other favourites, you’ve got a little bit of a side angle here but my knees are pointing directly ahead of me here toward in front. I’m gonna keep my knees there and I’m going to watch my left hand come around my body, just hiding my knees here and I’m looking at my left hand, holding that arm round as far as I can, the muscles in my shoulder are all working quite hard at the moment. 

I’m not moving anywhere but I’m getting really good activation around my shoulder curl and I’m getting lots of spiral rotation which is usually what we use in the spine for treatment. When people have problems with their spine we use rotation techniques. That’s the left side, I might hold that back around like this looking at that for three seconds. And then repeat it five times each side, turning around to look at it, keeping my knees pointed straight ahead, five times each side. That’ll be number two. 

Number three to get a little bit of cardio going is just sit on the edge of the seat and walk your feet, so hands across your chest so you’re not holding on, just walk your feet, lifting your knees as high as they will go. For some of us that might be just lifting low, others will be able to bring their knee all the way up nice and high so you can see some lovely Richmond socks to put some proper colour against Steve’s St. Kilda jersey there. And being able to walk without leaning back, stay nice and tall. Doing a minute of walking on the spot on your seat it’s actually really good work for everyone. Anything in particular you want to add there, Steve?

Steve: Ah yeah, I quite like, if finding that one too easy or too difficult, doing marching on the spot, holding onto the chair. So Bill if you were to stand up and walk behind the chair to go in front of you, and maybe even have the chair to your side so you can really kick those knees up towards the ceiling. Marching, yeah, nice. And then the faster you go the more you’re gonna get that cardio and that heart rate up, yeah. Fantastic. So we’re working on balance, strength, cardio, it’s a nice exercise, that one.

Bill: It’s typically difficult marching on the spot for a minute, it’s amazing how many people get out of breath doing it. And just to get your knee, your thigh above the horizontal is a difficult action for a lot of people.