Your Health Matters: What does remedial massage mean?

What does remedial massage mean?


Your Health Matters: What does remedial massage mean?

Steve: Remedial massage, it refers to somebody who works remedially or works on a problem rather than just relaxation massage or very light massage which feels nice. Usually remedial implies that there might be an injury or a tight knot that needs to be worked on to help restore the full muscular system.

Bill: So, getting someone back to their normal function. So, solving a problem.

Steve: Yeah.

Bill: So, sports person? Helping their performance?

Steve: Yes. Absolutely. Often they’ll have a remedial massage.

Bill: Someone who works long hours driving a crane who might be tight on their upper back?

Steve: Yep. Also remedial massage.

Bill: Okay. Lots of lovely smell and light touch?

Steve: Yep. Not so remedial. More of relaxation.

Bill: Oh, that’s relaxation.

Steve: Aromatherapy massage, often that what it’s referred to as well.