What’s The Best Way To Start Your Day?


What’s The Best Way To Start Your Day?

Steve: The best way to start your day would be, once you’ve gone to the toilet as most people do when they start their day, go to the kitchen and as you’re making breakfast while the kettle’s boiling, so do some exercises, do a couple of stretches, couple of backbends, couple of squats, couple of whole-body movements to get you going and get oxygen in the muscles because oxygen brings the life into the body and into your muscles and help prepare your body for the day, I mean you don’t know what you’re going to do necessarily that day. 

You might lift something a little bit heavier, you might have to run to quickly cross the road because the man went from green to flashing red. There’ll be moments in the day that you actually can’t prepare for, you know, for what happens to you, but you can sort of prepare yourself for how you respond to that situation.

Bill: Back when I was a lad, you know I’m just the next generation after that, and sports teams used to do static stretches where they put a foot up on the fence and lean forward and do a static stretch. If you go and see a sports team warm up anywhere in the world these days, it’s dynamic movement, so there’s motion that’s happening so there is a squat, not necessarily a static stretch so I suppose expanding on what Steve’s saying, do some dynamic work in your kitchen which is that squat beside the kitchen bench, the push up. 

And then ideally, out the door for a walk, and just get that oxygen into your brain and into your body and get going for the day. So make the time in the day to get some exercise done before you, after you head off to work, take children to school, etc.