Bill and Steve Show

Can Pilates Help My Mental State of Mind?

 Steve: Absolutely, it’s a movement discipline that focuses on the breath and on moving with mindfulness. So we find a lot of people feel recharged and re-energized after a session because they’re focused on what they’re doing and not thinking about lunch later that day or picking up the kids who are probably at […]

Can I Perform Physio at Home By Myself?

 Steve: You absolutely can do physio by yourself with a physio. I mean, you know, physio can be a number of different things, but the first point is to seek advice. See a physio so you know the physio you’re doing whether that’s applying ice, stretching, or strengthening. The physio that you’re doing has […]


Keep a Low-Impact, Steady Fitness Regimen With These Nine Pain-Free Activities

If you generally find yourself tuckered out after a hard-hitting workout session, you likely need to ease on the intensity. However, if you only do moderate exercises and you’re still left in pain for hours, perhaps even days, then it’s time to shift to low-impact routines. Thankfully, there are numerous exercises to still keep you […]

Natural vs Nurtured talents

Is Talent Really ‘Naturally-Born,’ or is ‘Nurturing’ Through Practice the Real Path to Perfection?

Society has spread the notion of having ‘natural-born talent’ for a certain skill, presuming that all it takes is proper genetics to excel at your ‘gift,’ as opposed to taking the adequate time to practice. But do genetics really contribute to our excellence at certain skills or talents? Or are these the results of the ‘practice […]


Suffering From An Unexpected Injury? Learn How Best to Proceed with This Popular Formula

When you’re in a state of shock from a sudden injury, it can be difficult to figure out what do next and how to properly handle the situation. The pain can be overwhelming, and your brain is most likely in a panicked state, trying to figure out how to react. The most important thing to […]


Acute or Chronic? How to Establish the Severity of Your Physical Pain

Asking people to pinpoint their level of physical pain is tough, considering everyone feels pain differently, and to varying degrees. However, there are ways of documenting pain depending on not only its intensity, but the kind of pain inflicted and the duration it tends to last. If you find yourself experiencing random bouts of pain, […]


Feeling Like You Need a Treatment… for Your Treatment? Potential Side Effects of Massage Therapy

Deep tissue massages, chiropractic work, physical therapy — these methods repair and make the body well. And most of the millions who seek professional care benefit from these treatments.   However, that’s not to say these methods don’t have side effects. Sometimes patients don’t feel as great after a massage, instead, they still feel discomfort. […]

Recover From Injury Quickly: Give Your Muscles Power Again With These Simple Exercises

Recover From Injury Quickly: Give Your Muscles Power Again With These Simple Exercises

Muscle strain or pain happens to everyone (generally at the most inopportune moment). Whether due to extreme exercise, unexpected mishaps, or simply old age, everyone can have muscle injury or strain. This makes the body feel hurt and weak, sometimes even if the injury has been healed for weeks. While something like a twisted ankle […]

Origins of Pilates

The Man Behind the Movement: How Joseph Pilates Started a Fitness Revolution

Many diet and fitness regimens have a knack for becoming the hottest new trend… before dying out after a few months on the scene, until the next big fad arrives to take its place. But there are regimens that last longer and remain popular over time. This is primarily because these routines work. Joseph Pilates, […]