Your Health Matters – How quickly does Physiotherapy work?

How quickly does Physiotherapy work?


Your Health Matters – How quickly does Physiotherapy work?

Bill: Physiotherapy, can, well, I like to say, work within a session but again that depends upon the actual presenting issue.

Steve: Yeah.

Bill: So, if you’ve had a car accident, Steve, and you’ve broken both your arms, both your forearms, both your shins, and you’re here to see me the day after you’re out of plaster, I don’t expect you to doing cartwheels out of here. But, depending on the presentation, if you came in with a very stiff wry neck and you couldn’t turn your head in the morning; that’s, generally speaking, I would expect to see that work very quickly. And you would be back to full activity, and full strength within a week to three weeks. Again, depending on the presentation.

Steve: Injuries-specific, someone fractures their wrist, we can perhaps diagnose the problem. We’re not going to fix it. That takes time.

Bill: But a good clinician will actually diagnose you appropriately. Tell you about your specific circumstances and then give you an expectation of what to expect as you go forward.