Your Health Matters – Can you lose weight by doing Pilates?

Can you lose weight by doing Pilates


Your Health Matters – Can you lose weight by doing Pilates?

Bill: Pilates and losing weight, is that possible, Steve?

Steve: Absolutely.

Bill: Why is that?

Steve: Because you can lose weight doing clinical Pilates with us at mHealth. We tailor every program to what the person needs and or what their goals are. So, if you want to lose weight, we can lose weight.

Bill: But surely Pilates is just about stretching and some ballerinas and stuff like that?   

Steve: It’s also for ballerinas and stuff like that. But it’s stretching and strengthening, it’s stabilising, it’s getting the heart rate up if you choose to, it’s losing weight, it’s increasing mobility, flexibility as well.

Bill: So, you’re telling me that professional athletes would do Pilates as well.

Steve: Absolutely. They do.

Bill: So, if it’s good for them, it’s probably good for us?

Steve: It’s good for them, it’s great for us.

Bill: So if you’re losing while in a Pilates session here, what sort of exercise would you do to do that.

Steve: Well, as an example, the reformer at mHealth here has a jump board that we can attach to it. So, we can do a high intensity individual training program on reformers. And using that jumpboard to increase that heart rate and as the evidence has now come to light over the last few years, high intensity individual training can burn calories up to 24 hours later.

Bill: Okay.