Your Health Matters – Is Pilates a good workout?

is pilates a good workout


Your Health Matters – Is Pilates a good workout?

Steve: Pilates is a really good workout because whether or not you’re doing clinical-based pilates or class based pilates. We’re really focusing on that mind-body connection and we’re really asking people to think about where their body is in space. Disassociating shoulders from torso, hips from pelvises and being really in that moment to achieve the goal of that exercise. I think what works really well is when you tailor the program in a small clinical setting, whether or not someone’s injured or we’re looking at improving their performance, because it’s that small group, we can really get specific exercises for that person and get them going from zero to hero very, very quickly. Again, the studio that most people would do in a clinical setting has not just reformers but trapeze tables, exo chairs, spine correctors, ladder barrels. There’s a lot of equipment. You can use different equipment to get those goals faster.

Bill: So, I don’t even need to speak, Steve.

Steve: No, you don’t.