Your Health Matters: Is Yoga or Pilates Better?

Is Yoga or Pilates Better


Your Health Matters: Is Yoga or Pilates Better?

Bill: Is yoga or Pilates better? That’s one of the eternal questions. Well, probably not eternal cause yoga has been around a bit longer than Pilates.

Steve: A lot longer.

Bill: Joseph Pilates passed away in 1967, an amazing character. But I suppose for mine, yoga, it’s a class all doing the same. So the instructor will take people through a group of Asanas and everyone does the same thing. Whereas in clinical Pilates, people will do their individual work as specified by the instructor.

Steve: Yeah. And the physiotherapist that takes the classes will work with that person. So, if you’re coming to, if you’re going to yoga to do, you know, specifically flexibility, and you might miss out on some of that when you go through the different Asanas. In clinical Pilates here, we might really focus on that flexibility and we’ll turn downward dog into elephant on a reformer because we can do that. We have the option.

Bill: So downward dog is really good for my calf flexibility and my arms strength. You’re saying you can ramp it up to help me hit my goals faster.

Steve: That’s right. And certainly, with these reformers, we can make it easier and or harder, depending on what you need at that time.

Bill: You know what thinking about it, last time I was at the yoga studio, I didn’t see any reformers. I didn’t see any trapeze tables and I didn’t see any split chairs. But we have yoga mats.

Steve: What are you doing in a yoga studio?