Neck pain

Neck Pain

Have you woken up with severe pain in the neck or related headache? Or have you experienced a sharp sensation on the neck while drying your hair, which becomes persistent afterwards? Are you in dire need of a neck pain specialist Melbourne?

Due to common daily movements and habits such as heavy lifting, too much loading on neck and poor ergonomics, neck pain has become one of the complaints we most frequently encounter with patients who visit our clinic.

The cervical spine, or simply the neck is made up of many small joints which if not properly cared for, become irritated or inflamed, and can even turn out to be jammed. A simple sprain can cause a serious joint injury at your neck. You start to feel spasms on your neck muscles as your body tries to safeguard the sprained joint.

All of this may cause substantial pain. Your neck and several other body movements may be restrained by the pain and you may have difficulty handling even the simplest of tasks.

This is no pleasant feeling…

It’s urgent that you see a neck pain specialist Melbourne. Prompt action and preventive measures are required.

At mhealth, we provide you with both the right treatment and advice.

Our ergonomic advice is based on keen assessment of your situation to ensure that we deal with the root cause of the pain. We remain keen to see that you are observing the right ergonomics while working, to prevent any incidences of injury.

Regardless of your occupation or workplace, sustained repetitive actions and postures normally have a profound effect on your body, and can cause postural strain, muscular tension and injury.

Our physiotherapists use exclusive techniques to help restore your normal neck movement and relieve pain.

It doesn’t end there…

As your Melbourne neck pain specialist, we help you recover from your injury by giving you the right treatment. But we are even more passionate about ensuring that you implement changes to your workplace and ergonomic habits to ensure you not only recover but also manage and prevent such injuries from their onset.