Getting Injury in Regular Training

Getting Injury in Regular Training

Why do I get an injury every time I get going with regular training?

Well hopefully it’s not every time you engage in regular training, because then you may need to seek out different varieties of training, if that’s the case.

However, it’s best to figure out what your goals are first,
and plan around how best to get to them safely.

If you’re not a regular trainer all the time, and then you try to immediately pick up an intense routine from the get-go, like say for a marathon you just randomly decided to try out for, you’ll be privy to what we call “load spikes.”

Load spikes occur when you overwhelm your body with lots of intense exercises out of the blue, “spiking” your body to its highest extreme with an overbearing “load” of training that leads to a blow-out.

We’ve seen many examples of this at the Australian Institute of Sport, where they spend time measuring these spikes in their trainees.  

So maintaining a more level and consistent training routine over a longer period of time will give you far less risk of injury in the future.

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