Shoulder pain

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is a common problem that’s often a symptom of a different problem. We receive complaints about shoulder pain a lot of times from patients who visit our Melbourne shoulder pain clinic.

The problem affects persons of all ages and the pain can be debilitating. With its effect on the shoulder which many people rely on for their day to day living, this kind of pain can incapacitate you in a way that interferes with all aspects of your daily living.

An acute injury of the bones and ligaments inside the joint or gradual ‘wear and tear’ of soft tissue can lead to chronic shoulder pain. Various shoulder pain Melbourne clinics administer different types of therapy.

At mhealth however, we determine the right treatment to administer by first locating the primary cause of the pain. This approach makes our treatment highly effective at eliminating the pain and restoring the shoulder’s function and mobility.

Shoulder pain may be either acute or chronic in classification.

  • Acute shoulder pain is a recent or sudden onset pain on the shoulder
  • Chronic shoulder pain on the other hand is one that occurs gradually over time.

Suffering an injury to any of the shoulder’s anatomical structures can cause pain in the shoulder. Your arm, neck, chest, and upper back are also likely to experience referred pain as well.

Our physiotherapists at the Melbourne shoulder pain clinic assist with injuries or shoulder pain related conditions that include:

  • Spasm and tension of the shoulder muscle
  • Biceps tendinitis – the injury to the tendon connecting the biceps to the shoulder blade.
  • Tear and strains of any of the four rotator cuff tendons or muscles as a result of injury or attrition
  • Frozen Shoulder – a condition by which the shoulder capsule becomes thickened
  • Shoulder arthritis due to degeneration of protective cartilage that surrounds the shoulder
  • Chronic Shoulder Pain and Stiffness