What Are The Advantages of Telehealth?


What Are The Advantages of Telehealth?

Steve: So, in our experience by running telehealth and Zoom classes and appointments, there’s actually quite a few advantages. One, you don’t have to leave your house which, I know we’re isolated at the moment and in lockdown, but it means you don’t have to find a park, you’re not running late, running from the office from here to there, you’re really comfortable in your own environment so it can be quite confronting when you meet a health professional for the first time that you don’t know them, and for someone it takes a few minutes to build that rapport, we’ve found that that rapport actually is reduced, or, the rapport’s increased but the time to make rapport is reduced. Because most people are quite comfortable in their home wearing whatever they’re wearing and we can connect to them quite quickly and effectively. So they’re some big advantages that we’ve found.

Bill: One of the other advantages particularly with things like ergonomic setup, often we’re relying upon a client’s description of what’s actually going on in the house and when you’re inside the house you can see it makes it a lot clearer and we generally get to the root of the matter a lot faster. You can see it actually almost, you know, remotely be in their premise. 

Steve: Yeah and following up from that too I found most people who are doing their rehab in a particular room will go to that room for their rehab. So we can go through your rehab or your exercises in that spot that you would actually do it at home and there’s to be able to continue that on your own most people have better results by doing their exercises cause they’re already in the spot that they would have done it as opposed to coming in the clinic and do the exercises here and think oh I haven’t got a spot for this but we can actually work with you and brainstorm the right table leg or the right piece of equipment to lift that would come from your own home.

Bill: I’d also had a number of international calls, so clients who may have seen me and have moved over sees, so there’s huge benefits to consult someone in Wales from Australia or consult someone in America from Australia.