Is Pilates Difficult For The Elderly?


Is Pilates Difficult For The Elderly?

Steve: Pilates is as easy or as difficult as you make it. So we at mhealth target the exercises to challenge the person whether they’re elderly or adolescent or anything in between. And we are equipped to get the person to move better and move well. 

So without challenging anything in life, there’s no growth, but of course, we don’t want to make exercises impossible and hurt the client, so the exercises might start off a little bit easier and build, but the idea is to make them challenging because the more you challenge the muscle, the more it learns, the more it grows, the more efficient it gets, and that exercise becomes easier, and then we go again challenging you in a different way.

Bill: And, and the really interesting thing I find working with people who are, you know, older or getting older is that you can make massive improvements very quickly. So just because you’re old doesn’t mean that you can’t do physical things. Again, having a skill cognition with you to guide you through that process is, you know, it fast tracks that. 

But, you know, do we get old because we stop moving or do we stop moving because we get old? It’s the first one. We get old because we stop moving. So start moving again if you’re not moving and you will feel younger.