Your Health Matters – Can Old Back Injuries Come Back to Hurt You?



Your Health Matters – Can Old Back Injuries Come Back to Hurt You?

Bill: This is a question that I get asked a lot, Steve. Whether old back injuries come back to haunt you. The answer, well, sometimes they do. If you haven’t done the work after the injury to restore your body back to what it should be. However, if you’ve got some structural damage there, that might be something that you are stuck with. But nine times out of ten, I find that people are just weak where they’ve been injured twenty years ago.

Example, the people who have had a fall whilst they have been skiing at the snow. Or they slipped down the stairs 14 years ago and say that’s when my leg or my hip pain began. What do you think? Should they be sore 14 years later if they just bruised an area?

Steve: Not if they just bruised an area. But it also depends on how old they were at that time, how severe the injury which is kind of what you’re saying. And I think the biggest thing is have they done the work to restore their full health. And if they haven’t, then there’s a good chance that it will come back. And if they’ve done a little bit of work, but then their lifestyles leads to a particular position or loading — you know, someone who sits on a desk all day.

Whilst they may have restored their back ten years ago, by sitting all day and neglecting their health, there’s a good chance that their back’s more predisposed to re-injury of that spot or a spot around that area. Bottom line is we should all be looking at our bodies, day in day out, week in week out, year on year on. So, twenty years later the only injury you have is a new one.