Your Health Matters – What does Pilates do for your body?



Your Health Matters – What does Pilates do for your body?

Bill: Steve, you’re a Pilates master. What does Pilates do to your body?

Steve: Everything.

Bill: And nothing? Or just everything?

Steve: Everything and anything that you want it to do. So, if you’re looking for flexibility, it can give you flexibility. If you’re looking for extra stability, it can give you stability. If you’re looking for strength, power, toning, core strength in particular, glute strength – tight buns, we can even work on your guns.

Bill: Am I going to run out of fingers?

Steve: I think you might. Cause we can also increase your aerobic capacity, too through our high intensity individual training. Also, did I say mobility? I think I said flexibility. And if I say mobility, which is getting the spine moving. Cause often, you’re only as young as your spine can move. So, we work a lot on that spinal movement and integrate that into full bio-mechanical motor patterning.

Bill: So, why would I want to do Pilates?

Steve: Stand up and I’ll tell you. No, no. Don’t do that. Uh, well, you’re obviously… How old are you, Bill? In you’re like 40s? Yeah?

Bill: 50.

Steve: So, often once you start reaching 30, things start to get tight and very stiff. So, for you I’d probably be thinking you need a lot more flexibility and mobility. So, for yourself, I’d be thinking more of in terms of getting you better in that capacity. But at mHealth, we’re all physiotherapist, I’ll asses you first and look at the chinks in your armour. And then design a program for you.

Bill: So, for the older athlete, maintaining former glory.

Steve: Yep.

Bill: For the younger athlete, building on a solid base.

Steve: Yep. Absolutely.

Bill: And then assessing specific needs for people.

Steve: That’s right. So, we can work on fitness, performance, and maintaining either or.

Bill: Okay. Thanks, Steve.

Steve: Pleasure.