What Equipment Do I Need To Perform Physio At Home?


What Equipment Do I Need To Perform Physio At Home?

Steve: You need yourself. That’s the most basic thing you need. You need a body, once you have a body you can do physio. You can stretch, you can flex, you can mobilise, you can do everything, strength and everything. 

However, things around the house like a can of beans or an ice pack, kitchen bench, a chair, you don’t need anything special in your home to do physio except all the things you have around you. 

If you want to do some more and you want to lift your game and do more high-level stuff, sure, there’s things like air bands, handheld weights, balance boards, the stuff we can always add, but at its basic, all you need is yourself and a few household items. Bill, did you wanna add anything?

Bill: I agree totally and, creative clinicians or creative therapists will actually be able to guide you in using things around your house. Some of the bloodsport we find in the clinic, we have some pretty fancy flash computerised, high-level equipment in our clinic. 

We might get elite level athletes and they’re all keen to get going on the very expensive, you know, pieces of equipment. We can spend three minutes with them and have them on the floor because a clever clinician will know exactly where the chinx in the athletic armour or where the problems are and where to focus. So, yeah you can certainly do things with just equipment at home, and it scales up from there.