Lower Back Pain Causes and Treatment

Episode 2 - Bill and Steve Show

As soon as I hit 35, I found myself waking up stiff and sore every day. Can I do anything about this?

Waking up stiff and sore is generally the result of doing either too much exercise or not enough. It’s dependent upon how much activity you get in a day.

As you get older, you may start to spend more time sitting at an office desk all day, or simply not getting as much exercise daily as you used to.

However, movement is the secret to longevity, so finding extra time every day to live a more active lifestyle will help keep your muscles from feeling stiff and painful.

After all, it’s harder to keep in shape as you get older.

When you’re in your teens and twenties, it’s easy to go directly from zero activity to “hero activity” quickly, as you can jump right into intense exercise without it feeling too demanding on your young body.

However, as you age, decade by decade, it requires not only more time and energy to get to a stellar level of fitness, but also a more consistent routine to maintain that fitness level!

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