Pilates vs Yoga vs Gym Difference

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You MHealth guys are mental about Clinical pilates. What’s wrong with yoga or gym work?

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with yoga or gym work! 

These are great options for staying in shape, and can in fact be part of your overall fitness routine.

However, with Clinical Pilates, you do reap the benefits of having a program designed entirely for your personal needs.

It’s a fitness routine tailored to your body, under the advisement of a professional physiotherapist.

When you’re using machines at the gym, you’re only focusing on a few planes of physical fitness. The same goes for yoga, as everyone is constricted into doing the same routines, which may or may not be as beneficial for you as they are for others.

Clinical Pilates gives you that extra boost so you can achieve better results, for less time and energy spent.

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