What’s The Connection Between Mental And Physical Well-being


What’s The Connection Between Mental And Physical Well-being

Bill: The mental wellbeing and physical wellbeing are like a handshake. They are so intimately associated and there’s a lot, there’s a lot written at the moment in the popular press so we can go from people like Mark Divine with his book with Unbeatable Mind to, I’m just looking beside me, here I’ve Shannon Harvey’s book which is The Whole Health, which talks about the connection, there’s actually a film done on that book called The Connection. They’re just, they go hand in glove. 

Steve: Yeah, I was gonna say it’s very rare you find somebody in a lot of pain who has a clear head and, you know, you’ll find a lot of people who walk into our rooms or they say on telehealth, if you’re in pain the body is quite worked up and the more that you’re worked up the more that you’re thinking about your pain the more you’re thinking about the pain and the harder it is to relax and you kind of in that fight or flight space. 

So we work hard on moving you to rest and digest, slow the breathing down, get people a little more relaxed and once the body lets go, then we can actually work on the physical, we can actually do what we need to do. And sometimes, you know, if we have get that person to feel relaxed or comfortable or there’s something going on in their life, mentally, yeah, physically it’s just not gonna work until we settle those other things.

Bill: Talking about, Steve’s sort of alluding to pain neuroscience there which is a part of, a huge part, of what physiotherapists will do with you when we train. But to give you a little bit of a fun spin on that there’s a lovely YouTube video by a lady called Amy Cuddy, who’s an American psychologist and she talks about using a wonder woman pose to actually get your head in the right space to then go and present to, you know, present a physical, sorry present a board paper or public speak, etc. So that’s a bit of fun to go and have a look at.

Steve: What’s the pose Bill, you’re gonna show us? 

Bill: Wonder woman pose?

Steve: Yeah.

Bill: Ah you know the one, I’ve actually got the belt that repels the bullet as well so the, you know, you can see me back here. 

Steve: Yep.

Bill: You might do this. That is the pose to get yourself in the right headspace to then go and perform physically. And, you know, also if we don’t think twice about it now when we see footballers or basketballers with their headphones on and often they’ll be listening to apps like Smiling Mind before they go out to their big game. The connection is really really solid and it’s solid for each and every one of us.