Can Pilates Help My Mental State of Mind?


Can Pilates Help My Mental State of Mind?

Steve: Absolutely, it’s a movement discipline that focuses on the breath and on moving with mindfulness. So we find a lot of people feel recharged and re-energized after a session because they’re focused on what they’re doing and not thinking about lunch later that day or picking up the kids who are probably at home with them at the moment. But we find that certainly with Pilates, just bringing that mindfulness to movement means

1. You’re in tune with the movement.

2. You know what you’re feeling.

So if that left shoulder feels different to the right how can we make adjustments and what adjustments do we need to make? So we find a few are unaware of some of these things that happen and you miss them then they’re not gonna work for you in the subconscious when you just go and do the gardening or paint the fence or cook that meal for three hours. Bringing your attention consciously to a movement will then help you move better and hopefully more correctly or efficiently through the subconscious.

Steve: Yeah and again it’s just that using the physicality to connect to your mindfulness and your mindfulness to connect to your physicality.